High-end absolute angular encoders – H2A-D87 Series

Model description:

H2AF: Absolute angular encoders with FANUC® (01 and 02) protocol.
H2AM: Absolute angular encoders with MITSUBISHI® CNC
H2AD: Absolute angular encoders with FeeDat® protocol for FAGOR and others.
H2AD + XC-C8-PA-DQ: Absolute angular encoders with DRIVE-CLiQ® protocol, for SIEMENS®(Solution Line).

Measurement By means of graduated glass disk
Accuracy ± 10 arc-seconds
Resolution / Maximum number of positions per turn 23 bits (8 388 608 positions)
Maximum electrical speed < 1500 min-1
Natural frequency > 1000 Hz
Supply 5 V (3,6...5,25); < 250 mA (without load)
Maximum cable length 30 30 100
Maximum mechanical speed 3000 min-1
Inertia 65·106 kgm2
Turning torque < 0,1 Nm
Vibration 100 m/s2 (55 ... 2000 Hz) IEC 60068-2-6
Shock 1000 m/s2 (6 ms) IEC 60068-2-27
Operating temperature -20°C ... 70°C
Storage temperature (in its packaging)
-20°C ... 60°C
Weight 0,8 kg
Protection IP 64 DIN 40050
Connection With cable included
Order identification:
Example of Angular Encoder: H2AF-23-D87i20-F-3FN
H2 A F 23 D87 i20 F 3 FN
Type of shaft:• H2: Hollow shaft Letter identifying the absolute encoder Type of communications protocol (*):
• F: FANUC®(01 and 02) protocol
• D: FeeDat® protocol (FAGOR) (**)
• M: MITSUBISHI® CNC protocol
Absolute positions per turn:
• 23 bits (8388608 positions)
Outside diameter:
• D87: 87 mm
Inside diameter:
• i20: 20 mm
Coupling type:
• F: Mounting flange
Accuracy: • Blank space: ± 10 arc-seconds Cable length:
1: 1 meter
3: 3 meters
Terminal connector:(***)
• MB: MITSUBISHI® with ferrite
• C9: 17-pin round connector

(*) Contact Fagor Automation for other protocols.
(**) Plus XC-C8-PA-DQ with DRIVE-CLiQ® protocol for SIEMENS® (Solution Line).
(***) the identification of models with Mitsubishi protocol with C9D connector and ferrite end in “F”. Ex.: H2AM-23-D87i20-F-3C9D-F

Notes: Not all protocol, positions per turn and accuracy combinations are possible. Please consult with Fagor Automation for a list models. For a different number of positions per turn, please contact Fagor Automation.

  • FeeDat®is a registered trademark of Fagor Automation,
  • DRIVE-CLiQ®is a registered trademark of SIEMENS® Aktiengesellschaft,
  • SIEMENS®is a registered trademark of SIEMENS® Aktiengesellschaft,
  • FANUC®is a registered trademark of FANUC® Ltd.,
  • MITSUBISHI®is a registered trademark of MITSUBISHI® Shoji Kaisha, Ltd.,
  • PANASONIC®is a registered trademark of PANASONIC® Corporation,
  • BiSS®is a registered trademark of IC-Hauss GmbH, and
  • VITON®is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.