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CNC 8070 for other applications

The 8070 OL is fast, powerful, and can be adapted perfectly to all kinds of machines: Grinders, saws, press brakes, machines for wood, marble, stone and glass laser, plasma cutting machines, etc.

8070 - OL CNC
Capable of easily tackling all kinds of applications.

CNC 8070 - OL
Configuration Modular / compact
Total axes / interpolated Up to 31/31 (*)
Spindles Up to 6 (*)
Execution channels 4
Servo buses Analog, CAN, Sercos
Communication with peripherals 3/4 USB 2.0 ports ● 1 USB 3.0 port
1 Ethernet ● 1 RS-232/422/485
CAN Bus ● Sercos II bus ● EtherCAT bus
Cams Yes
Integrate third-party applications Yes
Customizable interface Yes
Communication with interactive monitors Yes

(*) Maximum of axes + spindles 32

8070 OL Custom Created HMI Screens

Roll Grinding Machine

Grooving Cycle- This custom screen was developed for the Grooving canned cycle on a roll making machine. User can choose between different groove patterns such as: Flute, Circular, Chevron and in this example Diamond. The user is also able to set the number of grooves, pitch, length/diameter, and other roll making parameters using intuitive images on the screen. [+ info] “Roll Grinding Machine”

Automatic Thermal Compensation

Custom Thermal Parameter Monitoring- This application involves a twin channel CNC controlling a total of 14 axes. These screens were designed for custom applications on the 8065/70 CNC platform, to monitor part temperature and make real time adjustments to the program. [+ info] “Automatic Thermal Compensation”

Stir Welding HMI

This application provides adjustments and monitoring for Force control using custom Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) loops. The user can set gains PI and monitor quality of force control via graph. [+ info] “Stir Welding HMI”

Pipe Bending Machine

Auto pipe bending – This is a custom canned cycle specifically designed for pipe bending operations. The parameters are unique to the machine.

Manual pipe bending – Instead of an automatic cycle, this screen allows manual bending of the pipe. The user can select different axes to move in sync with each other. [+ info] “Pipe Bending Machine”

Machining center

Customization involving Additive Manual Intervention.
This allows to manually jog the axis with Handwheel or Jog buttons while program is in execution.
The screen will display the additive movement and can be used to update the active work offset after the program is finished.
Very useful for mold making industry. [+ info] “Machining center”

Lathe Application

Custom screens designed specifically for spindle control. With this screen it is possible to do following operations:

  • Gear change after selecting GEAR option from the bottom menu.
  • Spindle Jog CW/CCW
  • Execute spindle CW/CCW direction from the right menu keys.
  • Adjust spindle rpm override
  • Displays real/programmed rpm

[+ info] “Lathe Application”

Roll Forming Machine

Auto-Roll forming – This is a custom-made cycle for Roll Forming machines. While the speed of the metal sheet is constant (not controlled by CNC), the user can control the hole punching and shearing of the sheet.

Manual Roll Forming – Similarly to the Auto Roll Forming, this allows the operator to manually sheer or punch holes in the metal sheet. [+ info] “Roll Forming Machine”

Password enable Data Edit Screen

Configuration screen – This custom screen is used to define the parameters for roll forming operation. The data fields are greyed out because they cannot be modified without administrator password. To redefine the data, you would have to click on edit and input the password. [+ info] “Password enable Data Edit Screen”

Stone Cutting HMI

Customized Stock Screen– This screen replaces the default Fagor stock screen with custom screens showing data related to stone cutting (loads of the spindle, status of suctions cups, thickens of stone etc.), also ensures compatibility with touch screen interface (larger buttons, dedicated sliders for cutting condition manipulations: feed rates, access MDI, MANUAL modes, execute custom M-code directly from monitor screen) [+ info] “Stone Cutting HMI”