Fagor Automation do Brasil – Nagel do Brasil

Fagor Automation do Brasil is now working with the company NAGEL do Brasil Máquinas e Ferramentas.

The Brazilian plant of NAGEL AG (Germany) is located in the city of Salto (São Paulo) since 1974. Nowadays, they are a reference in Brazil as manufacturers of special machines. [+ info] “Fagor Automation do Brasil – Nagel do Brasil”

Dynamic distribution of machining operations for multi-channel lathes

Since some time now, it is becoming more and more common to see lathes where two turrets perform machining operations simultaneously.

This type of machines can double their productivity by cutting machining time in half. The big drawback is programming the part managing the job of the two turrets separately. The user must bear in mind the positions of both tools at all times in order to prevent a collision between both turrets. The collision is a risk for the integrity of the machine and avoiding it takes considerable programming time. [+ info] “Dynamic distribution of machining operations for multi-channel lathes”

Retrofit Kit Solutions with FAGOR AUTOMATION

Mag Americasprovides genuine OEM parts and services for over 50 machine tool brands. Combined with worldwide support and highly-trained technicians, MAG is the ideal choice for you to retrofit. The Fagor 8065 control retrofit solution for Fadal´s Vertical Machining Center can keep  your machine running well into the next decade. [+ info] “Retrofit Kit Solutions with FAGOR AUTOMATION”

Integral solutions for complex machines: Large and with high-end features

In its more than 30 years of existence, Fagor Automation has given solutions to all kinds of machines, from the simplest looking for flexible operation and production to the most complex with very high technical and productive demands.

During this year exhibitions, Fagor Automation is going to present their latest advances in control and measurement systems showing a qualitative leap in the technology used to provide integral solutions to high-end machines. There are three main products to point out: [+ info] “Integral solutions for complex machines: Large and with high-end features”