Fagor Automation in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the third-largest country in the Middle East by land area, constituting the bulk of the Arabian Peninsula, and the third-largest Arab population.

With the world’s largest oil reserves and largest oil exportations, Saudi Arabia succeeded in creating [+ info] “Fagor Automation in Saudi Arabia”

Virtual axis – a great solution for 5-axis machining

Interrupting the execution of a 5-axis program is no longer a problem. Extracting the tool from the part is easy, just turn the “Virtual Axis” feature on and move in the desired direction.

[+ info] “Virtual axis – a great solution for 5-axis machining”

DMS announces a Simplified CNC Digitizing Canned Cycle on Fagor CNC 8055

Diversified Machine Systems, a leading US-based 3 & 5 axis CNC machine center designer and manufacturer in Colorado Springs, CO, is proud to announce the simplified CNC Digitizing Canned Cycle that’s been developed by international cooperative partner, Fagor Automation – a value-added benefit to DMS clients. [+ info] “DMS announces a Simplified CNC Digitizing Canned Cycle on Fagor CNC 8055”

EMO 2013 – Latest technological advances

Fagor Automation is committed to its philosophy of providing maximum working simplicity for its customers, OEM, distributors and machine end users. When creating its products, it is always thinking about all the devices and servo systems that make up the machine to get the maximum efficiency out of it.

At this EMO show edition (Hall 025, Stand C44), Fagor presents a new range of products and improvements in line with this philosophy offering new things in many ways to speed up machine setup and unmatched accuracy to increase productivity by making the job of machine users a lot easier.

[+ info] “EMO 2013 – Latest technological advances”

CNC solutions for the Orthotics Industry

Delcam TV interviews Ralph Pohl, Production Manager of Freedom Machine Tool on the new Orthorout CNC Router for the Orthotics industry. [+ info] “CNC solutions for the Orthotics Industry”

Fagor Automation succeeds at TIMTOS 2013 exhibition with the presentation of their CNC 8060

Fagor Automation has deemed their presence at Timtos exhibition very positive, held in Taiwan from March 5th to the 10th. This biannual show focuses on the machine-tool sector in all its variants and sub-sectors and it is considered the second largest in Asia and one of the most important ones worldwide. [+ info] “Fagor Automation succeeds at TIMTOS 2013 exhibition with the presentation of their CNC 8060”

Fagor Automation at IMTEX exhibition

Once again, this year, Fagor Automation has attended the Imtex exhibition in Bangalore from January 24th to the 30th. [+ info] “Fagor Automation at IMTEX exhibition”

Iñaki Sánchez, new CNC Business Manager

Iñaki Sánchez took over the post of CNC Business Manager at Fagor Automation on November 2nd on the retirement of Antón Sagasta after 31 years at the company. [+ info] “Iñaki Sánchez, new CNC Business Manager”

RCS-S, new analog interface device

Fagor Automation has one of the widest products ranges for machine-tool equipment on the market. From now on, the catalogue will also include the new analog Remote Counter Station Sercos interface device (RCS-S). [+ info] “RCS-S, new analog interface device”

In the aerospace sector Masa bets on Fagor Automation

Some years ago, MASA (La Rioja, Spain) bet on increasing their productivity considerably as the only way to successfully compete in such a demanding and competitive sector as aerospace. For that, they decided to invest on the most advanced technologies mainly applied to their production means although within a complete and innovative program for restructuring the company in general. [+ info] “In the aerospace sector Masa bets on Fagor Automation”