Cheto IXN2000 – Moldmaker´s 2D Machining Processes

Midwest Mold Services (Midwest Mold) in Roseville, Michigan, used to outsource boring mill and gundrill work to companies that service the overflow from mold builders with more work than they can handle. [+ info] “Cheto IXN2000 – Moldmaker´s 2D Machining Processes”

FAGOR AUTOMATION ReBorn project official partner

Within the 7th Framework Program (FP7) of the European Commission, Fagor Automation is involved in the project ReBorn. This consortium consists of 17 partners from around Europe and is working to demonstrate strategies and technologies that support a new paradigm for the re-use of production equipment in factories. [+ info] “FAGOR AUTOMATION ReBorn project official partner”

Fagor Automation encoder cad files (2D, 3D) on the web

Fagor Automation announces that the 3D solids and 2D drawings files for each length of products shown in the catalog “Linear and Angular Encoders for CNC machines and high accuracy applications” are [+ info] “Fagor Automation encoder cad files (2D, 3D) on the web”