Why Linear Encoders are a NECCESITY on CNC Machine Rebuilds

Sometimes, it can make more sense to get a retrofitted CNC machine than to purchase new. Eagle Machine Tool Corporation has been upgrading Computer Numerical Controls (CNCs) in mechanical machine tools for 30 years. When it comes to retrofitting boring mills, they say that they do not retrofit without mounting linear scales. However, does it matter if the linear encoders are made from a different manufacturer than the CNC Control?

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How Fagor overcame adversity at the 1969 Tour de France

The year was 1969, and while Fagor Automation hadn’t existed yet, the Fagor Group itself was participating in Tour de France. In this grand tour, Luis Ocaña, a member of the Fagor cycling team, suffered a fall while competing on the Ballon d’Alsacie stage. Despite severe injuries, the Fagor team together was able to complete the 83 mile course.

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MotoAmerica Champion, Toni Elías, visits Fagor Automation Headquarters

We know what a lot of you are thinking, what does the world of Motorcycle Racing have to do with the world of manufacturing? One thing is for sure, both are fiercely competitive and immensely rewarding. For the uniquely challenging 2020 season, Fagor Automation Corp. sponsored one of the biggest names in the competitive motorcycle history, World Champion Toni Elías.

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Fortune Magazine names Mondragon Corporation “Top 11th Company to Change the World”

“No business succeeds alone. Collaboration among companies, even among rivals, is a common thread.” This year, Fortune Magazine published their “Change the World” list, which is comprised of successful international businesses and initiatives that are taking on society’s unsolved problems. Mondragon Corporation, parent company to Fagor Automation, was considered by Fortune to be the 11th company of 53 that are spearheading that change.

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Are you using Tool Inspection to it’s full potential?

Sometimes, it's the features that come free with the CNC System that end up making such a difference in productivity. Within the Tool Inspection feature, which comes standard on all Fagor controls, Fagor provides a unique one step approach to interrupting and restarting your program. It's never been so easy!

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Precision Encoders in Outer Space? AVS Space and Fagor Automation collaborate in the Aerospace Market

For decades, Fagor Automation has developed CNC Systems and high accuracy encoders that exceed the demands needed to manufacture precision components that will be used in space. Now, Fagor Automation and AVS Space are in the final testing stages of a two year collaboration to develop an encoder for space applications, capable of meeting the demanding requirements of current and future missions.

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Improving the Machining Process; Utilizing the Latest in Control Technology and Precision Measuring Devices

Artificial Intelligence has empowered influential changes in machining processes. Fagor Automation explains how this is obtained and implemented with the latest hardware power, machining algorithms, web based features, and integrating precision devices, sensors, and data flow management.

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NASA Machine Tools – An Important Player in the History of CNC Jig Grinder Remanufacturing

For decades, NASA Machine Tools has been one of the world leading remanufacturers of CNC Jig Grinders. With installations in some of the largest jig grinding companies worldwide, these machines are indispensable to major manufacturing sectors such as Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Mold Making, and Jewelry.  Molds created from their grinders are used to produce an impressive range of everyday US consumer products. In fact, NASA has supplied multiple machines to one of the largest toy manufacturers in the world. Their machines are also used to grind complex parts with a tolerance at least 50 millionths of an inch.

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Lathe Conversational Programming FULL COURSE – Fagor TC CNC 8060 / 8065

Fagor Automations free CNC training video series has been tailored specifically to machine operators who want to become more familiar with the unique features of the Fagor CNC System. Now, all the knowledge typically provided during onsite training for our Conversational Turning System is available conveniently online for free on YouTube!

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Free CNC Tutorial Videos for 8060 / 8065 / 8070

Interested in learning advanced functionalities and unique features of the Fagor Control? Or are you interested in a refresh on the basics? CNC Experts at Fagor Automation North America have been producing tutorial videos on frequently asked topics for the 8060/8065/8070 line of CNC Controls.

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