sistemas de control numerico
From conversational programming to high speed CNC controls and nanometric precision.

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Fully integrated Digital servo drives with wide selection of Axis and Spindle motors.

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sistemas de captacion
Linear and Angular encoders with high precision and resolution.

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sistemas de visualizacion
DRO's for milling machines, lathes, boring mills, grinders and electrical discharge machines (EDM).

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Why Linear Encoders are a NECCESITY on CNC Machine Rebuilds

Sometimes, it can make more sense to get a retrofitted CNC machine than to purchase new. Eagle Machine Tool Corporation has been upgrading Computer Numerical Controls (CNCs) in mechanical machine tools for 30 years. When it comes to retrofitting boring mills, they say that they do not retrofit without mounting linear scales. However, does it matter if the linear encoders are made from a different manufacturer than the CNC Control?

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How Fagor overcame adversity at the 1969 Tour de France

The year was 1969, and while Fagor Automation hadn’t existed yet, the Fagor Group itself was participating in Tour de France. In this grand tour, Luis Ocaña, a member of the Fagor cycling team, suffered a fall while competing on the Ballon d’Alsacie stage. Despite severe injuries, the Fagor team together was able to complete the 83 mile course.

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