CNC 8065 M

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    Designed to provide a solution to highly demanding machines in speed and accuracy: 5-axis machining centers with RTCP, portal mills and boring mills.


    CNC 8065 M


    Ergonomic and robust design


    • New line of keyboards with touch screen, integrated mouse and USB connector.
    • Very visual browsing.
    • Mounting design and component technology that meets sealing standard IP65 (NEMA12).


    High speed machining
    • Polynomial interpolation (splines) that provides an excellent part surface finish and high machining speed.
    • More accurate finish, adapting the machining conditions to the dynamics of the machine evaluating in advance the programmed tool path changes.
    • HSSA (High Speed Surface Accuracy) machining system that reduces mechanical strain on the machine and achieves smoother movements.


    Optimizes machine efficiency
    • Makes it easy to set up all kinds of machines and offers adjusting tools that make them most efficient.
    • Finetune. Autotuning software for machining optimization.


    Operation close to user’s needs
    • Operation based on popup type browsing and an interface easily adaptable to the work environment.
    • Higher environmental protection, its software includes all the manuals.


    In the vanguard of machine-tool technology
    • Wide range of tools to help achieve the tightest tolerances and the best surface quality.
    • ARFS adaptive control for considerably shorter machining time.



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