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Our range of CNC's goes from conversational programming for short production series that require quickness to high-speed CNCs with nanometric accuracy.

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We manufacture digital drive systems integrated into our CNC systems. They regulate our large variety of motors and may be adapted to motors from other brands.

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Fagor is the first and sole company manufacturing an enclosed steel-tape linear encoder of up to 50 meters with absolute technology and 10 nm resolution.

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Our Digital readouts have advanced features, designed to optimize the performance of milling machines, lathes, boring mills, EDM machines and grinders.

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We have tailor-made services according to the client's needs


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Cooperation: Fagor Automation and MONDRAGON University – Mexico sign a collaboration agreement

Thanks to this collaboration agreement, MONDRAGON University – Mexico and Fagor Automation will promote specific training in the field of numeric control starting the next academic year. [+ info] “Cooperation: Fagor Automation and MONDRAGON University – Mexico sign a collaboration agreement”

INDAÇO success story: milling machine retrofitting

INDAÇO has been a Fagor Automation customer since the founding of Fagor Brazil. Sergio Paolino, Director of INDAÇO, tells us about the results of one of their projects developed with Fagor, where the end results of the retrofitting of a milling machine far exceeded the initial expectations. [+ info] “INDAÇO success story: milling machine retrofitting”

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Development and manufacturing of products for machine automation and control. It excels by its capability to develop software and the versatility of its productive process to offer solutions tailored to the needs of their customers.